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Atlanta Reign qualifies for the 2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals

Meanwhile, last year’s champs and a top Western contender head home.

Team Empire’s Dota 2 team goes inactive until after The International 10

The organization will return after making decisions on its current lineup.

Overwatch League reveals 2021 Role Stars

Many talented players earned their second annual titles this year.

Dillon Francis to play DJ set at Overwatch League Grand Finals

Dillon Francis is a big fan of Overwatch.

Coldzera delivers in Complexity debut, defeats former team FaZe in BLAST Premier Fall Groups

The former major winner emerged victorious over his old team.

IG Rookie on Vex: ‘I can play this champ with one hand’

But did he do well in the game in general?

OG welcomes Misha as head Dota 2 coach for The International 10

Misha has finally found a new role.

Riot reveals new mage, tank, and assassin items are coming to League’s 2022 preseason

Some exciting additions are in store for anyone hopping onto Summoner's Rift next year.

China out of APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier as spots are redistributed to Japan, Korea

The official debut of Chinese pro VALORANT is getting pushed back.

Are the changes to Rampart’s ultimate enough?

Despite a recent buff to her ultimate that’s a great change for the legend, Rampart’s abilities don’t make much sense

League fans can make their predictions for Worlds 2021 with Pick’em starting Sept. 26

Players will be able to make some of their picks early this year.

Doublelift: ‘Top [lane] is, by far, the most mentally devastating role, and it’s not even close’

Is top lane still an island?