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MTG Strixhaven Witherbloom Demon thrives off sacrifice synergy

It's an Uncommon with Rare value

MTG Planeswalker Lukka outshined by companion Mila in Strixhaven

Lukka needs to step up his game.

Magic Arena breaks Historic with April Fools’ event

Five-Color Banned Cards is a real deck.

MTG Strixhaven’s Crackle with Power can deal a ton of damage

Rowan taps into a power that could change her forever.

MTG Strixhaven introduces timed Instant spell, Closing Statement

Inconvenience has its perks.

Strixhaven Stadium introduces an alternate win condition to MTG Strixhaven: School of Mages

Commander players will love trying to make this work.

Strixhaven’s Quandrix archetype illuminates janky equations with Augmenter Pugilist MDFC

It's always the quiet ones that pack a hefty punch.

MTG Strixhaven’s Accomplished Alchemist provides Lifegain bonus and mana ramp

Witherbloom College Elf shows promise in multiple Magic formats.

MTG Planewalker twins battle Blood Avatar in Strixhaven spoiler, Culmination of Studies

Good takes on evil.

MTG Strixhaven villian Extus, Oriq Overlord revealed as Modal Double-Faced card

Evil has revealed itself.

MTG Elder Dragons Tanazir and Galazeth revealed in Strixhaven spoilers

Each founding dragon packs a punch.