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LEAKED: New Legends Coming to Apex Legends?

More leaks have been making their way around the Twitterverse regarding the new hit battle royale, Apex Legends. The game has already

Apex Legends: An Update from the Developer

(Photo: Respawn Entertainment) As the weekend came to life, Respawn Entertainment provided an update to the community. The update addressed certain issues

Apex Legends Item Shop Gets Update - Febaruary 15-16

Respawn Entertainment has provided the update for the Apex Legends item shop for February 15-16. The item shop sees its inventory

LEAKED: Apex Legends Getting Two New Weapons

Leaks have become more common, especially in the battle royale market and it appears Apex Legends is no different. A

Apex Legends Item Shop Recieves First Update - Valentines Special

Respawn Entertainment has provided the update for the Apex Legends item shop for February 13-14. The item shop sees its inventory

Apex Legends: Full Map Breakdown - Find the Best Drop Spots & Loot

Always stuck sitting in the ship trying to decide where to jump? Well, we think this should help. A map laying

Apex Legends breaks Twitch records, records 8.28M hours watched in a single day

Apex Legends has broken Twitch viewership records in the battle royale genre with its Twitch Rivals event on Tuesday. Respawn's

Valentines Hits Apex Legends Tomorrow

image by Apex Legends Apex Legends has, without any doubt, captured the keyboards, controllers and hearts of literally millions of players

Fnatic, 100 Thieves recruiting Apex Legends players

More and more organizations are getting into Apex Legends. Following the example of NRG Esports and TSM, two more orgs

Ninja, KingRichard & Dizzy Win Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Event

(Credit: Eric Ananmalay/ESPAT Media) The first tournament of Apex Legends has come and gone and the first ever winners have been

Apex Legends $200,000 Twitch Rivals Event Details & Stream

As Apex Legends continues to soar to new heights following its successful release and reception by the community, new avenues

Apex Legends Trio and Solo World Records

In these early days and weeks of Apex Legends, records will be broken and we're not just talking about viewership