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As Apex Legends continues to soar to new heights following its successful release and reception by the community, new avenues of enjoying and competing are opening up. The $200,00 Twitch Rivals event was announced on February 7 and now it’s time to get it started.

The event kicks off today, February 12 and runs through February 19 and will feature 48 of Twitch’s most popular FPS and battle royale streamers. 16 teams of three will drop into Kings Canyon and battle it out to be the last team standing while also racking up some kills.

The scoring for the event will work as follows:

  • Match wins = 5 points
  • Kills = 1 points

Each regions players will have four hours to play as many online public lobbies as they can and work towards earning these points. There will be four total tournaments. two for North Amerca & two for Europe, with each providing $50,000 in prize money to win.

You can find the list of all teams for both regions listed below.

European teams:

North American teams:

Fans can watch the action live here or below:

The world record in kills for one player and a trio were recently broken and I’m sure a few of these teams will be looking to smash those on their way to victory.

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