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Photo: EA live stream

With all the details being revealed about the upcoming second season of Respawn Entertainment and EA’s popular battle royale Apex Legends, this may be the most surprising. Dragons.

During a live stream from EA Play 2019 in which Apex Legends as the focus of the presentation there were several trailers and discussions with the development team. At the end of the final trailer, however, it cuts to what appears to be a gigantic dragons eye as Flyers (dragon-like creatures from the Titanfall universe) glide by with a Legend.

This isn’t the first time people have hinted at dragons in Apex Legends as a previous leak speculated on this possibility and even provided images showing what appeared to be the winged creatures in the skies of Kings Canyon.

Whether or not dragons will play an active role in the game is unknown, but it’s kind of hard to deny at this point that we will be seeing dragons as a part of the game.

If they’re joining during Season 2, they’ll be added to a list including:

You can catch the full Apex Legends segment from EA Play 2019 below:

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