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A recent recreation of Respawn’s popular battle royale Apex Legends in night mode has drawn a lot of attention.

This isn’t the first time such a feature has been brought up, however, as it was leaked back in March that a file related to night was found. The file titled” Script_SetTimeshiftTimeOfDay_Night” brought a lot of hype to the possibility but thus far there’s been no confirmation from the game’s developer

This isn’t a new concept for battle royales as other popular titles in the space such as Fortnite and PUBG have already implemented a mode.

One passionate fan has created a look-a-like for Apex Legends as well. Reddit user deaFPS adjusted their video settings past the normal features to give the look and feel of a nighttime Kings Canyon.

As commenters began to question how he did it, he provided a response and gave others the ability to check it out themselves.

While the finished product from Respawn should it ever come will certainly look different, this is a pretty neat video and has only done more to ignite the masses in their calls for the feature to be implemented.

This is another situation where the only option is to sit back and wait, hoping for the night to come.

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