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With a full season completed for Apex Legends and another well on its way, we’ve got a good look at the prime destinations for those dropping into Kings Canyon.

Reddit user “ZYY9OQ” shared a heat map showing off all the drops spots and highlighting the most popular places to land. ZYY9OQ gathered this information from a study published on August 6th which focused on over 120,000 games of Apex Legends using a tracking tool.

To almost no ones surprise, Skull Town was the clear favorite landing destination for Season 1, shining much brighter than any other location on the map. The player deemed “hot drop” location was where anyone wanting to engage quickly and have a plethora of loot to choose from would land.


While Skull Town is still a common drop spot for Season 2’s ranked play, players trying to last til the end and earn the most points have started to deploy other tactics and at other locations for a better shot.

The ranked map which is pictured below shows a little less of a change with a much brighter highlight of Skull Town which remains the top destination for players. A game that revolves around taking out your opponents and stacking your inventory leans itself to having a few spots that draw a crowd.


Other popular locations include Artillery, Repulsor, and Hydro Dam among others.

Whether or not another map change will shake things up is unknown, but it is expected Kings Canyon won’t remain this way forever and perhaps even Skull Town could become something new.

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