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Petrify: "I think I would like to see Selemene’s Favour cost 5 mana and Stars Align changed in some way. They are too good."

Photo by: TakeTV Mark "Petrify" Fittipaldi is on his way to making another tournament grand final. After narrowly losing SeatStory Cup

The Dota PIT Organizers Announce a $10,000 Artifact PIT Tournament

After a plethora of successful events for Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG, the One Game Agency (OGA) is venturing to

Someone brought a Rix deck to a $15,000 tournament — and actually won

Screengrab via: WePlay | Twitch If you ask pretty much any Artifact player, they will tell you Rix is the worse hero

Full Artifact collection now costs mere $90, as the game has lost 97% of its players

There's no stopping Artifact's freefall. Every day, the game sees a new lowest point in player count, card prices, or

Artifact decks from WePlay Agility day 2, feat. Swim, StanCifka, Lifecoach — and the coolest combo ever

Day 2 of the $15,000 WePlay Agility tournament is already underway with one of the more interesting groups on the

WePlay Agility opens with a bunch of cool decks

WePlay's Mighty Triad: Agility (or MT:A for short) started today, featuring a $15,000 prize pool — the highest in Artifact so

Artifact dips below 2,000 concurrent players for the first time

Artwork by: Valve The new year comes with new gleam records for Artifact. The Dota 2 card game keeps on the

New Artifact patch wants you to play faster

Valve have returned from the holiday season with a new Artifact patch. The Jan. 10 update brings a number of

SirActionSlacks, SUNSfan among the talent for WePlay Artifact tournament

Photo by: StarLadder Starting Jan. 15, the second WePlay Artifact tournament will begin. Titled Mighty Triad: Agility (or just Agility, for

Swim's current version of RG Ramp is a cool new take on an old archetype

Looking for a fresh take on an old archetype in the Artifact Patch 1.2 era? Streamer, caster and content creator

10 examples of brilliant card design in Artifact

One notion I've expressed before and will continue to support is that Artifact, its many issues notwithstanding, has a great

Artifact's card collection value hits an all-time low

It's becoming cheaper and cheaper to play Artifact. Today, January 3, the cost for a full collection of the Call