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Andreea Esanu, also known as Div, is an esports journalist focused on the game she loves the most, Dota 2. Andreea has over fifteen years of experience in media, she graduated a journalistic university and she also has a bachelor degree in theatrical art.

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  • Ceb to participate in a Q&A session with the Russian community this Sunday

    photo by: Mars Media There is a new Ceb story that is getting written these days. It paints a different person

    SA sensation team from OGA PIT Minor qualify for the Kiev Minor as well

    Majestic Esports made waves in Croatia last month at the OGA Dota PIT Minor, where they finished top four. Unfortunately,

    7.22 patch brings Aghs upgrades for every hero in the game, new additions to Captain’s Mode and an anticipated nerf

    With the conclusion of the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor qualifiers, Valve deployed the 7.22 gameplay update. It’s a big patch that

    Public trials in the Dota 2 scene. OG.Ceb’s case

    photo by: StarLadder Another toxic pub game witnessed a professional player, this time a TI Champion, a captain and a former

    Dota Auto Chess patch leaks: Sven joins the board as Demon-Warrior

    image by: Cuong Le Manh Although Valve announced their plan for

    26,804 TI9 tickets available for the Chinese customers sold out in less than a minute

    With the International 2019 being hosted in China, Valve split the ticket sale on two different platforms. The Chinese fans

    References of TI9 Battle Pass Chat Wheel Sounds

    The International 2019 Chat Wheel Sounds feature several Chinese lines which are perhaps harder to understand by the western fans.

    6 Puck and Lifestealer Collector’s Cache sets for a stylish infest bomb combo

    Dota 2 emphasises the teamwork and more often than not people love to play it with a friend, be it

    A Lil addition made the difference for Winstrike, Na’Vi take the TI9 qualifiers road to China

    StarLadder ImbaTV Minor Season 2 was Na’Vi’s very last chance to earn a slot at The International 2019 via Dota

    Moonduck has a TI9 content proposition for the NA fans

    Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten and Andrew "Zyori" Campbell released a short video asking fans for feedback on a small, but bold

    J.Storm, Mineski, Infamous and many more to battle at WePlay! Tug of War: Dire

    WePlay! revealed the final details of their Tug of War: Dire online series that will send two participants to a

    Drow or Windranger? TI9 Collector’s Cache artists wait for your vote

    Originating from the same Warcraft character, Drow Ranger and Windranger are in the end, the two faces of the same