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Andreea Esanu, also known as Div, is an esports journalist focused on the game she loves the most, Dota 2. Andreea has over fifteen years of experience in media, she graduated a journalistic university and she also has a bachelor degree in theatrical art.

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  • Yang interview: “I think the grand finals will feature one Chinese squad and Secret”

    While we are in Stockholm, waiting for the DreamLeague Season 11 Major main vent to kick off in the Annexet

    Misunderstandings and confusion in the EHOME camp, Iceice reveals the facts

    photo by: ESL One EHOME were eliminated from the Stockholm Major in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs matches.

    PSG.LGD interview: “The game will be easier for us if we counter VG in the draft”

    It’s a summer day as a Swedish person would say. In reality it’s a foggy morning with just 4 degree

    More changes at EHOME

    The last two months were rough for the Chinese team who was just about to make a break at the

    DreamLeague Season 11: The good, the bad and the ugly

    With esports production still in its infancy, there are events that run smoothly and then there are events that end

    Madara to stand-in for Alliance as miCKe’s wrists problems relapse

    photo by : PGL Alliance announced March 20 a small roster move, but one that can have a huge impact on their and Team Secret join the top 6 rankings in Sweden

    Photo by: Andrey Bosenko The final day of games played behind closed

    Febby is looking for a team 12 hours before the Paris Major open qualifiers

    photo by: Andrey Bosenko The DreamLeague Season 11 Major is in full

    Team Root left with no players, RNG fight with two teams, PSG.LGD make an addition

    Although The International 2019 looks like far on the horizon, there are in fact only a few months before regional

    Sneyking parts ways with Flying Penguins

    photo by: StarLadder The EE-Sama - Sneyking six months collaboration seems to have come to an end after the Flying Penguins offlaner

    Team Liquid consumed by Chaos in the lower bracket at the Stockholm Major

    photo by: Andrey Bosenko

    China upsets the upper bracket at the Stockholm Major, Secret defeated

    photo courtesy of DreamHack Day one at DreamLeague Season 11, the Stockholm Major closed with two quarter finals series that secured

    Na’Vi and EHOME are first to exit the Stockholm Major

    photo by: Andrey Bosenko DreamLeague Season 11, the Stockholm Major