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This isn’t an April Fools joke, nor is it yet another fan mode for the game. Carbot Animations — the creators of the long-running Starcrafts animation series on YouTube — have partnered with Blizzard to bring the official Carbot graphics re-skin pack to StarCraft: Remastered.

As the video says, the pack will overhaul the entire game, regardless what you play: ladder, custom games, or the campaign. It makes the dark sci-fi world seem goofy and cartoony and it’s one of those things that you never really knew you wanted until you get it.

As the video itself suggests, this is the perfect time to replay the original campaign with the new look, because the evolution of Kerrigan into the scariest being in the universe just has to be seen in the Carbot style.

There’s no mention on how much exactly the mod will cost, but we’ll likely find out soon enough, given its launch date is 20 days from now, July 10.

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