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In the latest check-in from Respawn Entertainment, the Apex Legends developer made it public just how many cheaters had been banned from playing on PC thanks to the Easy-Anti-Cheat.

That number? Over 355,000 players.

The latest number provided was significantly lower at around 16,000 and shows unfortunately, just how many players have jumped on the wagon.

Respawn shared their plans on how they will continue to combat cheating at this time.

  • We are reaching out and working directly with experts, both within and outside of EA, in this area that we can learn from.
  • Scaling up our anti-cheat team so we have more dedicated resources.
  • We are adding a report feature on PC to report cheaters in game that goes directly to Easy-Anti-Cheat.

Clips had started to pop up more frequently as more and more cheaters were finding ways to give themselves that unnatural advantage in the popular battle royale.

One in particular was from popular streamer and Dallas Fuel off-tank & content creator Félix “xQc” Lengyel. While playing Apex Legends, xQc and his team had been taken out with relative ease by a particular player and decided to stick around and check it out.

Although certainly funny to watch xQc’s reaction, being on the other side of those shots certainly isn’t very fun. Cheaters are a problem for almost every online game and Apex Legends is not an outlier.

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