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Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund appears to be making the switch to VALORANT. While he hasn’t made an official statement, he did build up quite a bit of hype before revealing his latest video with a twist at the end pointing to VALORANT.

In a 57 second video posted to his Twitter and YouTube account, it’s a walk through an office space paying tribute to his career before finally looking toward a spot along the wall the glows pink with the word VALORANT lit up in white.

It’s still possible this is a bit of a bait, however, and the player is simply going to choose one of the other sections along the wall that haven’t been highlighted yet. He has yet to make an official post stating he is swapping to VALORANT, however, given responses have come through from the likes of Anders Blume, Nick “nitr0” Cannella, Jason Lake, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett, Rod “Slasher” Breslau, and many other VALORANT and CS:GO professionals, it has grown harder to believe this isn’t a legit swap.

Either way, the legendary Counter-Strike player has something he wants to share and his fans will be there behind him regardless of the title he ends up competing in. GeT_RiGhT has been inactive since he was removed from the Dignitas roster in September alongside Richard “Xizt” Landström. The attempt to reunited the legendary NiP lineup of early CS:GO have proved unfruitful.

He’s still linked to Dignitas, however, and it’s possible he could remain on with the organization and step into their lineup as a player or even as a coach. We’ll be watching the situation closely and look forward to finding out what his future holds.

Photo credit: ESL

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