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The rework is live and while more changes may be expected and the fps improved, plenty has already been done to make the map a whole new world.

Z Window:

One of the biggest changes is the addition of a window at a higher elevation on the CT side of mid as part of the Z connector. This will allow players who are smoked off from Z to take a new position and still keep an eye on mid although from a much easier to target position given the small size.

B-Main to Checkers wallbang:

Everyone who has played cache knows just how often you go to cross B main only to get picked off by an AWP holding the second checkers entrance. Well, now that spot can be cleared with an AWP of your own.

Lining up along the gate across from toxic/sunroom will allow you to spam the position as shown in the below clip from ESL One New York (0:45).

B-site railing:

There’s a new spot to post up in the B bombsite above the standard headshot angle. Players can boost onto it or if time permits, a player can jump from box to box to rail in order to grab the position themselves. You can view the boost at the 30 second mark in the below clip.

New A line of sight:

An added box and line of sight adjustment on the A site allows the retake of A to become even more likely, although players can also post up around the default plant spot toward truck to grab the enemy first.

Checkers skybox opened:

Not a whole lot to say about this other than it allows for a lot of nade options that we’re sure fans of the map are already working on. An opened up roof will allow players to get nades to other areas of the map or drive out any defensive setups.

Other changes:

  • Players can now molotov out quad from the truck position.
  • Red box on A site has been turned into a truck with different angles/elevations.
  • Players can now easily see all the way through to middle from B main thanks to a widened gap through useless.
  • Green. Lots of green (although less than before).

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