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There’s been a lot of questions popping up around Project A since Riot Games announced its existence last night in celebration of 10 years of League of Legends.

One of which is which game is it more similar to, Counter-Strike or Overwatch? While we know it’s going to be a beast all on its own, there have been a lot of comparisons to the two and apparently people who had a hand in its creation and/or play testing have said it’s a mix of the two popular titles.

Mixing the two seems weird though given on is very simplistic in idea while the other adds in characters, special abilities, and more. Where exactly does one meet the other and what is gained or given up to do so?

Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, drew the line in the sand by breaking down just how the abilities will be used in the game in a series of tweets.

To be clear, in Project A, shooting matters. You don’t kill with abilities. Abilities create tactical opportunities to take the right shot,” Laurent said. “You’ll need all your creativity and style to win.

He also went on to drive home the companies intense campaign against cheating, lag, and other third party things that can impact the games competitive spirit.

Can’t count on cheats or internet lag to help you. We sent the team on a war against peeker’s advantage and aimbots,” he said.

While his comments regarding abilities should help put at ease the hearts of Counter-Strike fans hoping for a new game to enjoy, the added variety that character specific abilities brings could help bridge the gap between the two fandoms and in his eyes, works to fix several problems in the space of tactical shooters.

Are you excited for Project A? Well, unfortunately there won’t be much more news from Riot Games until 2020 according to Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Project A.

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