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The king has returned! Michael “shroud” Grzesiek went live for the first time since his scooter accident and undergoing surgery.

The massively successful and popular streamer had been offline for days after breaking the 100,000 subscriber barrier on Twitch. This absence was caused by an accident that saw shroud hospitalized and even requiring surgery. In his first broadcast since the event, Grzesiek shared some more information on the incident and how things are now.

The Canada-born and California living streamer said he was going “40 or 50” miles per hour told his viewers. “I slammed on the breaks and I flew over the handlebars. I probably flew like 10 or 15 feet. I was in the air and everything went into slow motion, it was kinda cool. I purposely shifted my whole body to land on my left side, my whole left side is road rash and busted up. I didn’t land on my head, I kept my head up.”

It’s not over yet either he explained. Due to how much damage may have been done via broken bones and potentially other issues he has to meet with a surgeon again and he may have to go under the knife more than once.

I have an appointment set up with my surgeon next week, and then he’s going to take a look at it, evaluate it and then do the next surgery. He told me there’s a chance of a second surgery too because I broke a lot of bones, they might have to put a plate in there. So this is my life for the next six weeks,” shroud said.

Much to the detest of his roommate, friend, and fellow streamer Justin “just9n” Ortiz, shroud did jump into some gaming following an extended time in the “just chatting” section of Twitch.

Gamers will game and luckily for shroud, he’s still able to.

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