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According to a tweet from Counter-Strike community member Nors3, recent claims about a Source 2 update to CS:GO could be true.

Originally claimed by Valve News Network owner Tyler McVicker, he said the update would be coming in as little as two months. This was backed up by Nors3 who said he received information from reliable sources.

He went on to explain that he wouldn’t be too sure about the timetable though because “with Valve you can never be 100% confident with unofficial dates. Better multiply it by two.”

When prompted to explain what the Source 2 engine being integrated means, Nors3 went into explaining what was already in the game and what could be coming later.

Panorama was integrated the last time a massive hype was built up around the potential of Source 2 coming, and while it was a pretty awesome update it left fans wanting more.

He went on to say “it’s not a totally different engine compared to Source 1, it’s like an updated version.”

Either way, with the recent surge in popularity for the game, it will be a welcomed update for the game.

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