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An unfortunate situation has arisen ahead of the StarLadder CS:GO Major as Team Liquid and Christian “lowel” Garcia of HellRaisers have revealed that their stickers have not been updated.

As part of every CS:GO Major, stickers representing the event, and qualified teams and players are released for fans to collect. Fans can then apply the stickers to their in-game weapons.

These logos and signatures are submitted by the teams and players and allows them a way to earn extra money from their sales as unlike Dota 2’s The International, CS:GO Majors are not crowdfunded.

Team Liquid’s manager Steve Perino tweeted out pleading with Valve to provide his team with the “actual stickers” they presented this year.

He followed it up presenting his frustration with the fact that “so much work goes into the design and process and all of the social media, graphics, new jerseys ect… Then we get the sticker we submitted last major…”

Seems lowel ran into the same problem as he stated he has “the same signature I used the last 2 majors when I did a new signature for this one.”

It’s currently unknown as to whether the development team behind CS:GO will be making any adjustments since the stickers have already made their way into the game but only time will tell.

You can find all of the stickers at this link.

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