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Özgür “woxic” Eker sat down with us during the media day here at the FACEIT Major in London to discuss his teams’ practice, planning, and the star power he and ISSAA have brought to the squad. HellRaisers is set to take on Team Liquid in their quarterfinal matchup.


VPesports: As we were just discussing before the interview, you guys have been here in London for a while. Having come from the opening stage, you guys have spent the last month in London away from your country and family. How has that impacted you guys? Has that changed anything in your practice routine or motivation?

woxic: We shouldn’t change because our opponents aren’t bad teams. So that’s why we’re just doing things the same as at home. We’re booking practice, we are working for it, we are of course watching our opponents. For example, I’m watching what he can do with AWP, what unexpected move he could do. I have to check this so I can expect everything. That’s why we have to practice in the same way. We shouldn’t be relaxed. Yes, we came to Legend stage but everything’s the same.

VPesports: You and ISSAA have had such a great event so far. Is there any reason in particular? Have you two focused more on your own game or is the team setting you two up in particular to shine?

woxic: It wasn’t like this in the beginning when we joined this team. After we’ve shown how we can kill someone, how we can do impact frags. ISSAA, for example,le goes first for opening frags to clear site. I have like a free position, like all AWPers, so I ask can I pick this and they say yes so I pick it and I kill. I do this and I prove to him I can do it. So when I get that kill, then he creates new idea – our in-game leader ANGE1.

VPesports: Now that you guys have made it this far in this event and experienced several teams and had the chance to watch your opponent and adjust your game for multiple days – how do you prepare for the next team?

woxic: First thing, to be honest, if you are changing your strats because of your opponents, when you try to counter them, you can fail. For example, we are thinking we watched him do this move, so then when we play he doesn’t do this move then our strat fails. This is why we are not changing anything, we are just creating our strats and we are trying to do the moves in our practice games and if it works, we use it in officials. We shouldn’t change our game for our opponents, you shouldn’t overthink your opponent. You have to play confident.

VPesports: Players have been going back and forth on how they feel about taking days off between matches. How do you feel about this? Some use a little to explore, others just hang out, and some give 100% to practice.

woxic: When we qualified for Legends stage, we got two days break. After that, we did not get anymore because we have to full focus on play. I’m hungry to win, ISSAA is hungry to win. We came first time to Major and qualify to Legend stage so we need to show we can do more which is why we shouldn’t break. Plus afterward, we will have holiday or something. Every team will give players like 5 or 10 days or something. Not right now, it’s full focus.

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