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With only three teams remaining in the Bucharest Minor, I thought I’d break down one of the teams that I was interested in before the tournament, Keen Gaming. They have a mix of some established veterans like old chicken, eleven and kaka. Kaka was the primary reason I was curious about this team as I felt that he was still a good player even though the old Newbee lineup no longer worked.


At the beginning of the tournament, Keen Gaming’s style of play was fairly set. The early game seemed to revolve around the support plays via kaka and dark in the early game. Those two players secure the farm of two of their three cores. The three core players are: old chicken, –, and eleven. Old chicken acts as the typical 1 carry position, the player who is most often given the hero that is the win condition for the game. — is a player that KG generally want to win the lane with and then move that advantage to the other lanes. Eleven is more of a role player who is left on an island to try to fend for himself most of the time.


I’ve been tracking the consistency of their players, and their most reliable players seem to be old chicken and kaka. — and dark are good within their roles, while eleven can be fairly hit or miss. In terms of unique hero pools, they have three standout picks. PA on old chicken, Dazzle for –, and brewmaster for Dark. Outside of potentially dazzle (which EHOME stomped into the ground, but NiP had to ban), I don’t really see any of these as serious threats for the remaining teams left in the tournament.


In terms of overall win conditions, I think the biggest factors for Keen Gaming will depend on kaka’s roaming and getting not completely saccing eleven so that he can be a big factor in their teamfights. Overall though, I don’t think this team will beat Gambit and even if they do, I don’t see them having a chance against EHOME.

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