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Popular Dota 2 streamer BananaSlamJamma, better known as BSJ, made it to the top rank of the Dota Auto Chess ladder while playing in a lobby with Hearthstone players. The top rank is Queen and while others in the lobby were left behind on Rook (there is a King rank between Rook and Queen), BSJ thrusted himself up to Queen.

BSJ plays with Hearthstone players such as Dog, Hafu, Kirbynator, tidesoftime, Amaz and Savjz amonst others and yet, he was the first to hit the Queen rank.


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There are total of six ranks in Dota Auto Chess:

  • Pawn
  • Knight
  • Bishop
  • Rook
  • King
  • Queen

Of these, the first four (Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook) have 9 levels each. A player has to travel from Bishop-1 to Bishop-9 before he/she can make the transition to Rook. But that isn’t the case with King or Queen. There is just one rung for both those ranks, which means as soon as you hit King, you can transition to Queen in the next few games, if not the next game. With quite a few Dota Auto Chess tournaments coming up, let’s see if Queen BSJ makes a mark in any of them.


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