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This best of three series was a great spectacle at DreamLeague Season 13 Major upper bracket. A lot of comebacks and no give-up attitude by either team made all the matches in this series worthwhile. Even though Team Secret won, Fnatic gave a tough fight. Read the article below to check how the games were lost.

Game 1

Game 1 Picks and Bans

Even though Secret banned necessary meta favoured heroes, they didn’t ban Io. It was a calculated risk by them but unfortunately resulted in a defeat.

Game 1 Draft advantage in detail

Draft Analysis

Secret had a better draft at 57% and their advantages were in durability, mobility, right click damage, split pushing and defending. Fnatic had advantage in healing, initiating, pushing, nuking and disabling.


Secret had a good start in which Morphling killed Leshrac solo at mid and then Secret continuously improved their networth lead during the mid game. In spite of the lead, Secret were not able to push at the high ground as they didn’t have any good pushing hero. On the other hand, Gyrocopter bought Divine Rapier which increased their defending potential. Secret were not able kill the Gyrocopter easily because Io helped him. In the late game, Morphling also bought a Divine Rapier and Secret were starting to get the lead again but one rotation from Fnatic destroyed Secret. While Morphling was taking bot outpost, Fnatic ganked him and stole his Divine Rapier. Then 2 Divine Rapiers on Gyrocopter made it impossible for Secret to fight back and they to surrender.

Reason of Defeat

Mostly its because of execution, whenever Secret’s heroes focused on Io, Winter Wyvern just cold embraced and save him. This wasted a lot of important moments in the fight which gave Gyrocopter enough opportunity to hit on several Secret heroes. Morphling losing Divine Rapier was a complete disaster and that resulted in direct defeat.

Game 2

Game 2 Picks and Bans
Game 2 Draft advantage in detail

Game 2 was a great draft by Fnatic as they had a 62% draft advantage. Everything except disables and counters were in favour of Fnatic. Fnatic’s draft was so good that even though Secret had a good lead, they were not able push on the high ground. Fnatic had a lot of chances to win this game but their decisions were poor and so they lost the game.

Reason of Defeat & Timeless

Bad decision making: at the 34th minute Fnatic had Aegis, map control and a little bit of lead but the team was not on the same page when 3 heroes decided to push enemy’s tier 2 tower mid and other 2 core heroes were farming far away. Secret took advantage of it and wiped Fnatic.

Later on, Fnatic recovered a bit and were in a position to contest Roshan but they didn’t know when Secret sneaked into the pit, hence they couldn’t stop them from getting Aegis and Cheese.

Even after that loss, Fnatic was able to recover by an amazing team fight synergy and base defense. After that team fight victory, Secret lost 1 more team fight as they mis-judged enemy positions.

This gave Fnatic a great comeback and when they pushed and again gained some advantage as they killed 2 major cores of Secret whereas they had their cores lived. This is when they committed their final major mistake and lost the game. They went for Roshan and underestimated Earthshaker + Ancient Apparition combo. With the help of those 2 heroes Secret killed enemy cores, killed Roshan and won the game.

Game 3

Game 3 Picks and Bans

In game 3, Secret again took the risk of not banning Io and Fnatic picked it in the same combo with Gyrocopter. But this time around, they completely changed their picks as they knew what Fnatic was going to pick.

Game 3 Draft advantage in detail

Secret had a little advantage in the draft by 53% win chance and their advantages were pushing, disables, mobility, counter picks and durability. Whereas Fnatic’s advantages were split pushing and healing.

Reason for Defeat

Even though Fnatic had a good start, they couldn’t team fight against durable Secret’s heroes. Their best strategy available was to split push but they didn’t capitalize on in it directly after the laning stage. They lost a few fights and then they started split pushing, but it was too late. Secret took complete control of the game and dominated Fnatic in the mid and late game.

A tip for young players

Your team must have a good decision maker, someone who has an idea of everything happening in the game, if there’s no one then here’s how you can become a good decision maker. Watch replays of pro matches. Spectate from one of the teams’ perspective and hide vision of enemy map. Then simply think what you would do at every moment if you were their captain and then compare the results by watching what that captain did.

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