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Team Nigma went into their ESL One Germany 2020 series today hoping to get a better footing in the event after a rather poor start which included a loss and a win – however, mudgolems had other plans for them.

Team Nigma’s ESL One Germany campaign got off to an extremely poor start when they were beaten by the newly reformed Yellow Submarines squad in their first series. However, still missing their famed captain Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, the team were able to come back and take down Tempo in their second series, which gave them a 1-1 scoreline – putting them in a better spot, considering that three losses will eliminate a team in the modified Swiss-format round robin group stage bracket. But mudgolems have put Nigma in a very precarious spot as the fourth week of group stage action approaches.

An epic game one from mudgolems where they absolutely destroyed the Nigma lineup came out first, with Duško “BoraNija” Boranijaševic’s Storm Spirit going 26-2-14. Having their backs against the wall and coming back from a deficit is often something we see from Nigma but not today as mudgolems were able to hold their own and stomp them in the next game too. Although Nigma had a better start, to things, it just was not enough to fight their opponents and eventually succumbed to a 0-2 defeat.

With the loss, Nigma now move to a 1-2 scoreline, with one more defeat meaning that they will be eliminated from ESL One Germany 2020. Currently it is unknown who their next opponent will be, but whoever it is, Nigma will need to bring their “A-game” if they want to remain in the tournament.

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