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Whenever teams from the same region play against each other and they are equally strong, it is a great moment. Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming have been practicing against each other since a long time and their drafts are perfect as they know each other in-depth. This is the game where drafts will surprise you and everything depended on them. Check out the article for detailed analysis.

Game 1

With the last pick Viper, VG out-drafted IG and destroyed their mid lane Kunkka. Emo generally shines on IG and carries the game but this time, he lost the lane too badly. Kunkka recovered a bit but he bought the wrong item and literally wasted his 3k gold. He bought a Meteor Hammer instead of buying a BKB or Scepter. Even when the game ended he didn’t have a BKB. He could have dodged at least one spell from every single hero of VG. Every slow or partial disable from VG could have been stopped by BKB and it was such a necessary item because every VG hero had some kind of a partial disable.

DurationAttackerActionLocationHero’s DiedProfit to
0VGfbbotVG 0, IG 1VG
6VGlane killall lanesVG 0, IG 3VG
17IG4 man ganktopVG 2, IG 0IG
25IG5 man gankRoshanVG 2, IG 2
29VG5 man gankRoshanVG 0, IG 4VG
36VGpushtier 3 topVG 0, IG 6VG
37IGcall GG

Game 2

From the laning pressure of the previous game, Emo decided to play on safe lane and Flyfly went mid. Flyfly destroyed Ori’s Kunkka at mid and secured the game for IG. When VG lost their 4 man gank at mid at the 5th minute and they couldn’t recover later. IG won every team fight in the game and destroyed VG. IG were so strong in the game that even though VG bought back on a couple of heroes they couldn’t find more than 1 kill.

DurationAttackerActionLocationHero’s DiedProfit to
2IGfbmidVG 1, IG 0IG
5VG4 man gankmidVG 2, IG 1IG
12IG3 man gankenemy jungleVG 3, IG 0IG
20IG4 man ganktop outpostVG 7. IG 1IG
30IGpushtier 3 topVG 1, IG 1None
37IGpushtier 3 topVG 7, IG 0IG
38VGcall GG

Game 3

Game 3’s draft by IG felt as if they were trying to prove something as they picked Kunkka again in spite of losing horribly because of that hero in the first game. They must have thought that they lost because enemy picked Drow and Viper but VG just picked Huskar and dominated Kunkka in the mid lane once again. Kunkka made correct item choices but his farm was lesser than other cores. Huskar backed up by Abaddon was difficult to kill by IG and even if they used everything on him. After the laning stage, IG couldn’t win a single fight and had to surrender in the end.

DurationAttackerActionLocationHero’s DiedProfit to
3VGsolo fbmidVG 0, IG 1VG
6IG3 man ganktopVG 4, IG 1IG
9IG3 man ganktopVG 1, IG 2VG
17IG3 man smoke gankbotVG 0, IG 2VG
31VGpushtier 3 botVG 0, IG 3VG
41VGpushtier 3 midVG 0, IG 3VG
42IGcall GG

A tip for young players

The draft is like a mini game by itself and the captain must be strong at it. The first important thing to note is the shift in mid heroes. From the first two games, IG should have understood that Kunkka is not a super strong mid hero now because games end quickly in this patch. In the previous patch, Kunkka would go for radiance and would always dominate the game but it is not possible now. Hence as a drafter of your team you must adapt with the patch.

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