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Game 1 draft advantage was almost equal except for Phantom Lancer vs Magnus. Evil Geniuses picked Phantom Lancer in the first phase and that gave Vici Gaming more chance to counter it. Vici Gaming smartly picked Magnus at position 1 and destroyed Phantom lancer in all the fights. Evil Geniuses tried everything but couldn’t defeat Magnus hence lost the game.

Game 2 was probably the game that Evil Geniuses should have won. At 24th minute Evil Geniuses had 10,000 networth lead and good map control. But one smoke gank by Vici Gaming neutralized the game. That smoke gank killed Razor and his buy back was only 150 gold away. The gank turned into a big team fight but Omniknight couldn’t activate his ultimate and Treant’s ultimate was used on only 1 target. Surely Evil Geniuses could have played it better but they didn’t and lost 4 heroes without killing any enemy. The next big team fight was a mix of weird decisions.

The final team fight in detail:

Evil Geniuses ganked Vici’s jungle near their shrine and found 2 kills instantly on Viper and Winter Wyvern. Vici Gaming decided to go all-in and Viper bought back. Rubick stole Omniknight’s Guardian Angel and wasted Gyrocopter’s time. Evil Geniuses couldn’t deal more damage and lost the fight. Roshan was up and Vici Gaming grabbed Aegis and Cheese. This helped them push for tier 3 and end the game. Rubick performed brilliantly as he stole Guardian Angel 3 times in the match.

In game 3’s draft, Evil Geniuses decided to go completely against the meta. They picked heroes with very high cool-downs whereas Vici Gaming didn’t have that issue. On top of that Evil Geniuses’ draft had very little synergy. They didn’t have any long range damage to attack inside the Chronosphere. Evil Geniuses had to use all their abilities to kill Slark and every time he just bought back and won the entire team fight. Underestimating Slark has proven to be costly to many teams in this tournament. Evil Geniuses couldn’t win any late game fight as they were not able to handle Slark once their ultimates were unavailable.

Overall performance:

Evil Geniuses played their best with the drafts they had. They won the laning stage in all the games. Evil Geniuses didn’t lose the games because they played bad, it was because Vici Gaming played extremely well. Great co-ordination, strategical decisions and draft were they key to Vici’s success. They didn’t step down to take fights when they had a disadvantage and they fought when Evil Geniuses didn’t expect such resistance.

A tip for young players:

In a bo3 or bo5 series, the first match’s draft sets the tempo of the entire series. Most of the people think, let’s experiment in the first draft, if we lose have other to games to catch-up. But in reality, losing the first game on an experiment puts more pressure. Evil Geniuses picked Phantom Lancer in the first phase in the first match and that led to a bad drafting situation in every game.

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