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After Cloud9 were eliminated from the Southeast Asian open qualifiers for ESL One Los Angeles, two teams would be going through into the closed qualifier from the region.

SEA is never an easy region to crack in Dota 2, whether it’s open or closed qualifiers or in an actual tournament, the region’s teams always show up with some big surprises. Cloud9 and LGD.International found that out the hard way when both were eliminated in the open qualifiers for the upcoming Major. This left Lowkey Esports, Trust Gaming, T1 and Team IO to fight in for the two available spots in the closed qualifiers.

T1 and IO were definitely considered as some of the favourites to reach the closed qualifier, especially since both lineups featured players who have been part of the Dota 2 scene for quite some time. For IO, this would be their first competition together as a team, while T1 did fight at DreamLeague Season 13 qualifiers too – although with a different lineup. The series between the two was fantastic and went to all three games, but in the end it was IO who would come out on top.

Lowkey and Trust would fight for the other spot in the closed qualifier – after Trust were the ones to knock C9 out the open qualifier. However, the experience and strength of Lowkey shone through when it came down to it and they claimed their spot in the closed qualifiers.

While SEA’s open qualifier is now complete, tomorrow we will see the ten teams begin their fight to head to ESL One Los Angeles, with three spots in the Major. The open qualifiers continue today with CIS and Europe still fighting.

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