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WePlay!’s non-profit WeSave! Charity Play event has been deep into its grand final stage for the last two days but the European region’s semi-final would see Team Liquid and Nigma fighting to face off against HellRaisers.

After one of the stretch goals of WeSave! Charity Play was met, EU and CIS regions would get to face off in a grand final that spanned both, but first the regions would need to find their champion. For CIS, HellRaisers were dominant yesterday, as they claimed a spot in the grand final – but now the ex-Team Liquid of Nigma would have to fight the new Liquid squad (which is also the ex-Alliance squad). While the teams may not have been taking these friendly games too seriously, they would still be playing for pride and to raise money for an amazing cause.

The winning team for each of the first two games of the best-of-five series were able to reach a total of over 40 kills, but neither went to the same squad. It was Liquid who struck first with a brutal assault from Maximillian ‘qojqva’ Bröcker’s Broodmother, before Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar’s Meepo managed to show the same brilliance in game two to tie things up.

After their victory to tie the series there was just no stopping Nigma anymore as they broke down Liquid over and over again, leaving their opponents in the lurch. With an Amer ‘Miracle’ Al-Barkawi Anti-Mage for game three and just absolute carnage in game four, Nigma showed their dominance. Little over 20-minutes had passed in what would be the last game of the series when GG calls came out from Liquid as Nigma would move forward to face HellRaisers in the EU versus CIS grand finals at WeSave! Charity Play.

The action from the fantastic online event is not yet over for today as Thunder Predator and NoPing e-sports go head-to-head for the South American region’s grand final battle. The time and date for the remaining grand final between Nigma and HellRaisers, as well as the North American all-star 3v3, have yet to be announced, but we’re expecting those to close out the WeSave! Charity Play event tomorrow.

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