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The TI10 Battle Pass resurrected the guild system in Dota 2 and, less than a month after the pass was released, 50 members of the Peruvian Dota 2 community are the first to bring a guild to the maximum level points.

It took Chi Cheñols just 28 days to reach level 25. The second place in the guild race is for now taken by D2RC (Dota 2 Russian community) guild who are halfway to reaching level 25.

D2CR dominated the leaderboards for almost the entire time since the Battle Pass came out, They’ve been at the top of the leaderboards up until they reached level 22. From all the rewards for leveling up the guild, the one at level 22 is by far the most wanted one, as it gives to the guild members extra 500 extra wager tokens per week. The 23rd level isn’t too bad either, but with D2CR slowing down their progress right after they reached level 22, it seems that the 1 bonus rank double down isn’t worth the effort that much.

While Chi Cheñols are now level 25, and D2CR are close to reach the max level as well, the guilds from third to sixth place on the leaderboards are stuck on level 20.

According to the guild leaderboard, Southeast Asia has two guilds in the top 5, while the other two guilds at level 20 are from Europe. At the beginning of the month China was also in contention for a top three guild, however, they now have just one guild in the top 10.

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