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Coming off from a demoralizing 0-2 loss against Team Team on Day 1 at ESL One Mumbai, Na’Vi started their second day of the event showing a completely different mindset and a lot more cohesion.

Their first series was versus compLexity in the loser round of Group A. Na’Vi didn’t switch up things too much in their drafts, unlike coL who felt that they should play a mid-lane Jakiro. Asked in the post series interview about the weird choice, Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen said that the team feels like the hero can be successfully played either mid or offlane and because they didn’t have the last pick in the draft, they thought it will serve them good. coL’s mid Jakiro was somewhat effective in the early teamfights but it fell off pretty fast to Na’Vi’s strong right clicks coming from Templar Assassin and Ursa. The two headed dragon was played in game two as well, but by Na’Vi in the support role while their mid was Razor. Na’Vi’s draft featured plenty of lock down spells to help Razor to always stay on top of his target with the Static Link. The game unfolded fast and sent compLexity Gaming in the playoffs lower bracket.

Winning against coL, Na’Vi had to fight in the decider series of Group A for a slot in the upper bracket of the main event. TNC Predator were waiting for them and took Na’Vi off guard with a fast-paced line-up centered on Queen of Pain and the push power of Lycan. It was the fastest game so far at ESL One Mumbai, Na’Vi admitting the loss after just 18 minutes.

However, the CIS guys were able to shake off the loss and went on to  reverse sweep the SEA team and secure themselves a first series in the playoffs against Keen Gaming in the upper bracket semifinals.

compLexity and TNC will have to fight for survival from here on, with hopes that they can make it back into the grand finals via the lower bracket rounds. They will both have a day off to prepare for the elimination series while the event will resume tomorrow April 18 with the upper bracket semifinals.

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