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Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao is retiring from competitive League of Legends, his club Royal Never Give Up confirmed Wednesday. The AD Carry legend hangs the mouse after years of struggling with wrist pains, which have now forced an end to his career.

“Due to injuries accumulated over 8 years of high intensity training, at the suggestion of medical professionals, Uzi was advised to rest during the 2020 LPL spring split. After spring a decision was made and we understood and respected his wishes, and will continue to assist him,” RNG write.

The wrist injuries sidelined RNG’s flag bearer for the entire 2020 Spring Split and the team had to compete with Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung. Without their biggest star, RNG finished in only top 8 in the Spring Playoffs — a far cry from their 2019 Summer runner-up finish. During last year’s check-up, Uzi was also diagnosed with Type II diabetes due to “chronic stress, obesity, irregular diet, staying up late, and other reasons,” the player himself confirmed.

Uzi retires as perhaps the best League of Legends player to not win a world championship, despite pursuing it at six World Championships and being a favorite for the Summoner’s Cup in several of those, including 2013 (second place after SKT), 2014 (second place after Samsung White), and 2018 (top 8 after winning other major title that year).

Domestically, Uzi remains one of the most accomplished players, having won two LPL split and being finalist in three more. He will go down in history as an AD Carry revolutionist, pioneering a hyper-aggressive playstyle. Through all iterations of RNG, he’s remained the center-piece of their success, even if the team’s over-reliance on him has brought equally many early exits.

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