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Valve Corporation, publishers of Dota 2, took to Reddit on Monday afternoon and issued the following statement regarding the ban of Carlo “Kuku” Palad by the city officials of Chongqing, China, reported first by The ban was said to have come from the city government itself which basically eliminating Kuku from being able to compete at the event.

The information that was provided to us at the time was that the local officials expressed significant concerns about security and the social media unrest, but there was no official player ban communicated to us and discussions were still open on ways to handle it or improve the situation. We weren’t as concerned about the safety aspect at the time, primarily because we’ve had experience working through a variety of concerns that local officials have had in the past, and there were ways to solve for these specific concerns. However we didn’t pursue those options because we ultimately felt that it was inappropriate for Kuku to attend given how the team tried to cover up the apology. We haven’t heard anything since then, so it’s possible that the situation has changed for Chongqing, but we don’t anticipate any problems for Shanghai.

Although this response was placed in the thread titled, “Kuku is not allowed to enter Chongqing for the WESG event according to the decision from the city government,” the response was actually in regards to the situation that occurred at the Chongqing Major and not the current WESG event.

From the statement it appears that for the upcoming WESG event that Valve was not in the loop with Chongqing officials, WESG being a non-Valve event.


Corrections: February 12, 2019

An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that Valve Corp. was the entity which banned Kuku from the upcoming WESG event in Chongqing. This was due to a misinterpretation of a Reddit response from a Valve employee. The response placed in the Reddit thread, “Kuku is not allowed to enter Chongqing for the WESG event according to the decision from the city government” was not about the WESG event, but was instead a reflection upon the Chongqing Major which took place from November, 2018 to January, 2019. The components of the article referring to Valve being the impetus behind the WESG ban has been removed and we apologize for the error.

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