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Team Secret were eliminated by Vici Gaming in the lower brackets at One Esports tournament by 1-2 in a best of three series. Although Team Secret had a disadvantage in which they had to play without Yazied ‘Yapzor’ Jaradat, it was still possible for them to win this series. Read the article below to check how Secret lost the series.

Game 1:

Game 1: Picks and Bans

Draft Advantage in detail

Vici Gaming had advantage in healing, mobility and initiation. Secret’s strongest areas were right click damage, split pushing and counter picks. The biggest disadvantage for Vici Gaming was that they didn’t have burst damage to catch and kill a split pushing Anti-Mage. They had ways to handle Anti-Mage during the team fights. So the game strategy for Team Secret should have been to avoid 5v5 fights and split push more.

The major mistakes:

After killing a couple of heroes, Team Secret decided to kill Roshan at 25th minute but Vici didn’t let them succeed. Even though Secret lost a few heroes due to this action, it wasn’t a major strategical error because they all were alive and Nature’s Prophet had Medallion to decrease Roshan’s armour. The first major mistake was when Vici Gaming tried to gank Anti-Mage but Secret decided to take a team fight. Anti-Mage had all already escaped and he could have gone to other lane quickly and continued split pushing there. Secret underestimated Vici Gaming’s team fight potential and horribly lost that team fight. Soon Vici Gaming ended the game. Another major mistake was in strategy. They just had to split push, get farmed, frustrate Vici Gaming and win the game.

Game 3: Picks and Bans

Draft Advantage in detail

The draft strategy by Vici Gaming was simply picking the top meta heroes. All their heroes have been highly successful in this patch. Especially Slark as his scepter upgrade makes him difficult to catch. The biggest disadvantage for Secret was that they lacked good lock-down abilities. When Draft has a huge disadvantage there’s nothing much that can be done in the game. Perhaps like Magnus even Slark deserves a nerf because right now Slark has an ultimate that prevents any right click damage for a few seconds, Dark Pact that can remove disables, Essence Shift that can steal opponent’s right click damage, attack speed and armour and the biggest out of control ability is Pounce that gives him 2 charges with a CD of only 8 seconds and a huge range. This hero right now is the most powerful hero if played correctly. The major mistake of this game for Secret was that they didn’t ban Slark.

A tip for young players:

The most important part of the game is draft and strategy revolving around. As a team, you must play according to your strengths. When your split push is strong and the enemy is not able to push effectively then you must not do what they want. In game 1, Vici Gaming’s only option was to take team fights and Secret’s decision to take a fight where it was not required hurt them badly.

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