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Team Secret vs Vici Gaming was one of the most hyped series’ of the day. Even though Secret won the series 2-1, Vici Gaming fought hard in all 3 matches. Read the article below to see what happened in the 3 matches in draft and execution.

Game 1

Vici Gaming had 68% draft advantage and they had advantage in disables, pushing, team fight, right click damage, healing and initiation. Whereas Team Secret had advantage in split pushing and nuke damage. Counter picks advantage was almost neutral.


DurationAttackerActionLocationHero’s DiedProfit to
0 VG first bloodtop outpostSecret 1, VG 0vg
10 VG 4 men rotationenemy safe laneSecret 2, VG 0vg
17 VG 3 men smoke gankenemy jungleSecret 3, VG 0VG
19Secretcasual gankmid laneSecret 2, VG 2VG
23 VG 2 men smoke gankenemy jungleSecret 1, VG 0VG
24 VG casual gankenemy shrineSecret 1, VG 0Secret
25 Secret casual gankenemy shrineSecret 1, VG 2Secret
28 VG casual gankroshanSecret 2, VG 4 Secret
29 Secret pushenemy jungleSecret 0, VG 2 VG
45 VG casual ganktier 3 midSecret 3, VG 1VG
46VGpushenemy shrineSecret 3, VG 1Secret
50VGcasual ganktier 3 botSecret 1, VG 5Secret
51 Secret mega creeps securedenemy shrineSecret 1, VG 4VG
51 VG call GG


Vici had a great start in this game and had a good draft. In the mid game they even controlled the enemy map a little bit. They had 8000 networth lead but they messed up a lot whenever they took fights near the enemy shrine. 3 out of 4 ganks on enemy shrines were unsuccessful. Perhaps Vici just needed to push as 5, destroy some towers and then secure shrine area for Roshan.

Game 2

Even though Secret had a good draft, they were not able to execute their draft because their position 1 hero, Lone Druid was always in danger as he was on offlane since the beginning. He always kept losing the bear and it is known that bear always has items so when the bear dies, that hero’s networth is nothing. Vici’s best advantage was healing and Secret’s best advantage was pushing which they were not able to use.


DurationAttackerActionLocationHero’s DiedProfit to
10VGcasual gankenemy big campSecret 3, VG 0VG
12Secretcasual gankbot laneSecret 1, VG 2Secret
26VGcasual gankenemy shrineSecret 3, VG 2VG
28VGcasual gankbottom secret shopSecret 3, VG 0VG
30Secret3 men smoke gankmid laneSecret 4, VG 0VG
31Secret call GG


Mostly this game was an execution mistake by Team Secret. They could have let Lone Druid mid against Kunkka because both the other lanes were dangerous for him. Night Stalker gets easy initiation through trees during the night time and Gyro’s range right clicks don’t allow Lone Druid to farm at all. The biggest problem was that they lost all the lanes. Puck couldn’t handle Gyro and IO whereas Slark died once and gave a little edge to Kunkka.

Game 3

Secret took a risk with an innovative draft, Mars was picked which hasn’t been so popular and Dark Seer was picked but as position 4. Vici had a better draft and their advantages were split pushing, healing, initiation and defending where Secret had advantage in durability, mobility and pushing.


DurationAttackerActionLocationHero’s DiedProfit to
10Secretcasual gankmid laneSecret 0, VG 2Secret
12Secret3 men smoke gankbot laneSecret 0, VG 3Secret
18VGcasual ganktop laneSecret 1, VG 0VG
20Secretcasual ganktop outpostSecret 0, VG 3Secret
29VG5 men ganktop outpostSecret 1, VG 4Secret
34Secretcasual ganktop outpostSecret 1, VG4Secret
38Secret5 men ganktop laneSecret 0, VG 2Secret
40Secretcasual gankmid laneSecret 0, VG 3Secret
41VGcall GG


Vici had a good start but around 10 minutes in the game they miscalculated the positions of enemy heroes in the map and started getting picked off around the map. Suddenly Secret took control of the map and Vici couldn’t get it back.

A tip for young players

When you play Lone Druid and your bear has a huge respawn time then fall back to your jungle for a few minutes and let the team create space for you. Even if your team doesn’t secure any kills, it is important to buy some time to Lone Druid to stack 1 bear. So that when Lone Druid has to fight and during the fight if he loses 1 bear he can respawn another bear.

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