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The European qualifiers are about to end later today when a third and final squad will join Team Secret and Ninjas in Pyjamas to the Major. OG hoped to be that third team, but they failed to qualify in the end.

OG started the qualifiers playoffs from the upper bracket after finishing second in their group. However, they were dropped to the lower rounds by NiP yesterday at the end of a rather lengthy and hard-fought series. The TI champions opened the final day in the European qualifiers with a battle for survival against Vega Squadron and although many anticipated OG reach the lower bracket finals, the Sharks look like they have a better understanding of the new meta and sharper attention while drafting. OG came with one strong idea to these qualifiers, namely to put Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen on a mid lane Shadow Demon and combo it with Chen for the Penitence debuff. The trick worked once in the group stage, where Alliance fell victims to Topson’s mid lane SD.

Yesterday, OG did pick the hero in the first game versus NiP. Their support choices for that game were Lich and Grimstroke, another strong combo in theory, but one that loses its potential in the late game. Today, against Vega, OG brought back the Chen-SD back. Unfortunately for them, they got absolutely dismantled in the laning stage and by the time their Anti-Mage was somewhat ready to fight, he had to cut creep waves and defend against mega creeps. Vega ran a mid Kunkka with a rushed Shadow Blade to toy with his enemies. OG didn’t stand a chance in game two either. They made a questionable drafting decision right in the first round of picks and bans. They didn’t take off the table Lifestealer, but first picked Keeper of the Light. Vega didn’t hesitate a moment to pick Naix, who can easily nullify the Will-O-Wisp with his rage.

OG’s elimination from the DreamLeague Season 11, the Stockholm Major qualifiers means that there is no other option for them to make it to Sweden in March, other than winning the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor, for which they also have to qualify first. Meanwhile, Vega Squadron are just one series away from qualifying to the Major. They will fight later today against the winner of Team Liquid vs Kaban.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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