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Now a standalone title published by Dragonest, Auto Chess was developed at the beginning of 2019 by Drodostudio as an arcade mode in Dota 2. The game became hugely popular extremely quick. A few months into its existence, Dota Auto Chess was registering 176,000 concurrent players and over 8 million subscribers.

In May 2019 Valve announced their intention of releasing their own game based on the Auto Chess mechanics and allowed Drodostudio to move their entire work on a mobile platform and publish a game of their own on the Chinese market. Auto Chess was published by Drodostudio with Dragonest, while Valve released Dota Underlords for both PC and mobile.

The new game genre was called Autobattler, and in the following weeks, Riot Games and Blizzard developed versions of their own. Teamfight Tactics was released in the League of Legends client, while Hearthstone Battlegrounds is now a mode of Blizzard’s popular card game title.

Earlier this week Google Play announced the Best of 2019 awards. Drodostudios and Dragonest’s Auto Chess received the Best Innovative Game Award in 17 countries and regions (including United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, and South Korea), and has been shortlisted in the Google Play Best Game Award of 2019 in South Korea.

 “When we found out that we had been nominated as a candidate for the Google Play 2019 Game Awards, our hearts were full of excitement and emotion. We were super excited to be shortlisted for this global and authoritative award, and have our achievements recognized by the public.

We have always dreamed of making a great game, a high-quality and fun game that can be recognized by the public. We have worked hard in order to make these dreams come true. We know that there are still some flaws with Auto Chess, but we strongly believe that we can always use our passion and diligence to continue making the game better and better.

We are thankful to the Google Play Store, but we are most thankful to the players who have supported us to this day. You, dearest player, are our motivation to keep going. Thank you for being with us regardless of our shortcomings, and encouraging us while we improve the game. It can also be said that without your support, the Auto Chess genre as a whole would not be as popular as it is today.

Thank you for your support and affirmation. This is a big step for Drodo Auto Chess and a big step for the entire Auto Chess genre.

There are more moments of glory that await us in the future.” said the game developer upon receiving the award.

According to Dragonest, since it’s official global launch, Auto Chess has over 100 million players.

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