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Beyond the Summit have revealed the official format and schedule for cs_summit 5, the event which begins this weekend.

The fifth iteration of cs_summit will take place from December 12th to 15th at the Beyond the Summit house in Los Angeles, California. A total of $150,000 will be up for grabs.

It was revealed earlier today that mousesports will be using a stand-in as Niels-Christian “NaToSaphiX” Sillassen has been brought in to play for Özgür “woxic” Eker due to visa issues.

In terms of the format, all six teams will compete in a round-robin group stage in which they play each other on two maps. Each victory will be worth $1,500. After the group stage concludes, the top four teams will move in a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket.

Counter-Strike fans will get to see the new OG lineup take on the weakened mousesports lineup in the opening match of the event at 9 am PST on Thursday, December 12.

You can find the full cs_summit 5 schedule below:

Thursday, December 12
12:00 –  mousesports vs.  OG (BO2)
14:00 –  mousesports vs. (BO2)
16:00 – vs.  FURIA (BO2)
18:00 –  FURIA vs.  G2 (BO2)
20:00 –  G2 vs.  MIBR (BO2)

Friday, December 13
12:00 –  OG vs. (BO2)
14:00 –  OG vs.  G2 (BO2)
16:00 –  mousesports vs.  G2 (BO2)
18:00 –  mousesports vs.  MIBR (BO2)
20:00 –  FURIA vs.  MIBR (BO2)

Saturday, December 14
12:00 – vs.  G2 (BO2)
14:00 – vs.  MIBR (BO2)
16:00 –  OG vs.  MIBR (BO2)
18:00 –  OG vs.  FURIA (BO2)
20:00 –  mousesports vs.  FURIA (BO2)
22:00 – Tiebreakers (if needed)

Sunday, December 15
12:00 – Semi-final #1 (BO3)
15:00 – Semi-final #2 (BO3)
18:30 – Grand final (BO3)

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