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In an interview with TapTap, the Chinese portal for mobile games, the developer of Dota 2 Auto Chess, Drodostudio, answered a few questions regarding their much anticipated mobile version.

The mobile version of Dota Auto Chess will be simply named Auto Chess and it’s developed with the Chinese mobile games publisher Dragonest. Auto Chess mobile is expected to be launched soon, however, the game fans are impatient to know how will this version going to be changed in order to fit the mobile platform. From gameplay, to cosmetics and extra features, Drodostudio promises that the initial mobile version won’t have too many changes so the transition for the PC players be as smooth as possible. Below you can find TapTap’s interview with Drodostudio which was conducted and published in Chinese. The translation below is provided by Yuhui Zhu.


How’s the game development going, when will the game be released?

Currently we’ve sent out alpha test access to some users via SMS. We will try our best to launch it sooner rather than later, but still keeping in mind the quality. Please stay tuned!

Will the team build original backstory and lore around pieces?

Yes, we are designing a new world and new backstories for the Auto Chess Mobile as well as in-game pieces.

Each game of Dota Auto Chess is consisting of 8 players and the average duration is around 40 minutes. But 40 minutes seems a bit too long for a mobile game. Will Auto Chess mobile make some changes? Like reduce the amount of players and average duration of each game?

In order to protect the player experience from Dota Auto Chess, the first mobile version will not make any gameplay changes. But in the future versions, we may make certain changes based on the feedback we receive, so that every Auto Chess Mobile player can have the best experience playing our game.

Will Auto Chess Mobile be in portrait or landscape? How should the player control the camera?

The core gameplay of Auto Chess has determined that landscape is more suitable for the game. We will add multiple camera control modes in the future to help the players observe what’s happening on other boards.

Will Auto Chess mobile keep the item system? It seems to be a bit complicated to upgrade items on the  phone, will the mobile version facilitate the item upgrade process?

Items are one of the crucial parts in auto chess gameplay. Thus, we will not make changes on the item system for the time being. But we will implement some optimization in the future to make this process more convenient for players.

Will there be new terrains?

New terrains and pieces will be added step by step under the premise of keeping our core gameplay unchanged.

Should we expect other entertaining-oriented mode such as PVE mode or Squad mode to be added into the game?

We prioritize making sure the Auto Chess mobile has the same gameplay as the PC version and we’ve always been trying to make innovative  additions. We understand what our core gameplay is, we will add some highly-anticipated features or new modes, but we also don’t want this game to turn to a hodgepodge.

Players are also looking forward to some features that could make the game more convenient. Like voice/text message, pieces/items wiki, achievement system and reward system. Will you consider adding these features?

Yes, those features are already in development. We are fully aware of the high demand mobile gamers have on control design and user experience. Any feature that helps optimize the user experience will be considered.

Will the mobile version keep couriers and courier cosmetics? Are you planning to add other cosmetics like sets for chess pieces?

We will keep couriers as well as those sets, but we do not have any plan to add cosmetic sets for pieces for the time being. We will consider adding new types of cosmetics after the core gameplay of Auto Chess Mobile is well-polished.

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