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Following the controversy around Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel & stream sniping during the recent Twitch Rivals event, the former Overwatch professional has been issued and ban/suspension. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, however, feels like it “doesn’t mean anything.”

shroud spoke out quickly after the incident, stating that “all my respect is quite literally gone” in reference to xQc. Since that time Twitch has issued a 7 day suspension and a 6 month ban from Twitch Rival events to the Canadian. According to shroud, he didn’t even think a punishment would be coming.

“I actually didn’t think he was going to get banned. A lot of people were saying it was blown out of proportion, but I think it was the opposite. I don’t think it was blown up enough. So I thought Twitch was just going to let it slide,” shroud said.

In shroud’s mind, this will do nothing to hurt xQc and may even help him.

“Getting banned doesn’t mean anything. Dr Disrespect got banned for a month for streaming in a bathroom. – he came back stronger than ever.”

“I strive to never get banned, I’ve never gotten banned. Hopefully I never do,” he said. “If I did get banned, would I really care? Probably not, because getting banned doesn’t really do anything,” he explained.

“It’s weird how getting banned for a big streamer actually is a best case scenario,” said shroud in regards to how many top streamers who are banned come back to streams much bigger as they are seen as “events.”

He also believes Twitch wasn’t sure what to do regarding the situation given it is “Twitch history” according to shroud. “No big partner has done something like that before. The only people who stream-snipe are non-partners and then they get perma-banned and that’s it. But nobody’s done that as a partnered streamer. I bet you Twitch didn’t even know what to do.”

Do you think the 7-day suspension from Twitch was fair? Do you think Twitch acted appropriately with his suspension and ban from Twitch Rival events?

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