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Photo: lilshan Instagram

The Twitch fails just keep on coming. After a plethora of raunchy or inappropriate Twitch moments made headlines over the last six months, there’s been another.

A streamer by the name of “thelilshan” was streaming when she dozed off. To make matters worse, movement during her slumber caused for a nip slip, resulting in a further breaking of the Twitch terms of service, intentional or not.

Her channel has since been banned and there’s currently no information regarding when she will be unbanned. Seemingly in jest at the whole situation, “thelilshan”‘s Instagram bio has the words “your favorite sleep girl.”

The clip is out there, however, we won’t be sharing it here in this article.

Other incidents over the last several months include a Twitch streamer using a phone as a sex toy, and a channel partnered with Twitch’s official Food channel featured a woman rolling a joint on the butt of another girl. That came on the back of (pun intended) uproar around a streamer caught during a domestic abuse incident being able to return to streaming. His channel has since been removed.

Another incident involved a streamer accidentally going topless on-air thinking she had gone offline. Many members of the community began to question the length of the ban at only 3 days while others felt is warranted as it was seemingly just a mistake.

This is just another notch in the belt for Twitch fails.

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