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Previously leaked by data miners, the Suppressed Sniper Rifle has been officially revealed by Epic Games. The weapon can be seen in the in-game news section marked as “Coming Soon.”

The game has seen several sniper rifles over its lifetime with the semi-automatic, bolt action, heavy, and hunting rifle all making an appearance. The Suppressed Sniper Rifle will give a whole new approach, adding a bit of stealth to the deadly weapon.

The weapon appears to be modeled after the Frostbite Sniper, a weapon in Fortnite’s Save The World game mode.

No details have been released about the damage the weapon will dish out nor how it can be acquired.

It is expected that the new weapon will make its debut in the next Fortnite update which is slotted to go live on Tuesday, January 8.

This season recently saw the addition of the Boom Box, a deployable item that blasts music powerful enough to take down structures. It saw play in the WSOE 3 event, drawing much feedback from the community in regards to Epic’s timing.

Now that you know what item is coming, make sure you check out the upcoming Season 7 Week 6 challenges. The challenges were leaked following the release of this week’s challenges and are subject to change.

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