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The first weekend of the 2019 season of The Overwatch League is now behind us and it was fairly clear what the meta coming out of this season would probably continually be – GOATS.

Friday February 15th saw the first day of the 2019 Overwatch League Season kick off and over the weekend we saw a total of 16 series of the best Overwatch action take place. All 20 teams played their first series of the season, while some played twice over the first weekend. By the end of Sunday’s games, a new-comer which has undoubtedly garnered the hearts of thousands around the world took top spot in the standings, Hangzhou Spark. The boys in pink and blue took down Shanghai Dragons as well as Los Angeles Valiant as they took a tied first place with Philadelphia Fusion.

Throughout the weekend there was a definite meta that was obvious from at least 90% of the games that were played – GOATS. By now everyone probably knows what that entails; 3 tanks, 3 supports and a whole lot of debauchery.

Recent patches have attempted to switch this meta, nerfing armour and buffing the ‘tank-slayer’ Reaper. But this has not really changed much as most teams opted to avoid the “edgelord” and stick with the 3-3 standard and it seems to have worked for the most part.

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However, there has been one hero that has come out as a direct counter from many teams, Sombra. One of my favourite heroes to watch this weekend has definitely been Sombra as players hacked through everything and made massive openings for their teams to get a win or take control. There were also some absolutely majestic Widowmaker like this one below from Dallas Fuel’s Dylan ‘aKm’ Bignet and we even witnessed the famed Daniel ‘dafran’ Franesca Tracer outwitting and outplaying his opponents.

Overall it was definitely a fantastic weekend of Overwatch action and there’s a lot more to come – we’ll wait to see if Shanghai Dragons can find a victory, if Spark can maintain their spot at the top and who will be the first team to “break the meta” and maybe find some new strategy to get the edge. The game actually also enjoyed a gigantic amount of viewers on Twitch over the weekend, peaking at nearly 290,000 and generally maintaining above 240,000. This is much different from the end of last season where OWL was seeing a huge decline – but will this last? Opening weekend’s are notoriously better than the rest and this number is still down from last year. Only time will tell as we go through the paces of the Overwatch League.

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