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Riot reveals new mage, tank, and assassin items are coming to League’s 2022 preseason

Some exciting additions are in store for anyone hopping onto Summoner's Rift next year.

League fans can make their predictions for Worlds 2021 with Pick’em starting Sept. 26

Players will be able to make some of their picks early this year.

Doublelift: ‘Top [lane] is, by far, the most mentally devastating role, and it’s not even close’

Is top lane still an island?

Twisted Fate player secures pentakill using only blue cards in URF game

"It's all in the cards."

Liquid’s CoreJJ becomes first international player to reach top 100 on European solo queue ladder ahead of Worlds 2021

North American players are throwing down the gauntlet in European solo queue.

Vex, the Gloomist, now available on League’s live servers

You hate everyone and so does she. Welcome Vex, the Gloomist.

League of Legends’ URF mode makes a comeback in Patch 11.19

Feel as powerful as a League of Legends world champion by playing URF.

Second-to-last League of Legends Prime Gaming skin shard of 2021 now available

Riot's partnership with Prime Gaming is drawing to a close.

Welcome to the kingdom: The best mid laners at Worlds 2021

This might be the most stacked role at the tournament.

T1 unveils roster for Worlds 2021

Faker and crew qualified for the international LAN tournament via the LCK Regional Finals.

TCL shutting down its studio, going fully remote for 2022

The Turkish league has been heavily affected by COVID-19.