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SKT jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min has been outstanding this season. On a roster that also hosts Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeon, Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, the former JD Gaming player has been hoarding all the MVP awards.

Clid earned 200 more MVP ranking points today, as SK Telecom clean-killed Hanhwa Life Esports in a battle for 3rd place in the preliminary rankings. The dynasty came on stage to display the style that once made them the most dominant force in all of League of Legends. The team was clean and near flawless. They overpowered HLE every step of the way and a lot of why that happened was Clid’s involvement in early game kills. 0

Clid opened the game with a gank and kill on Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon’s LeBlanc, giving just the edge Faker’s Galio needed to solo win the lane from there on. 15 minutes later, SKT were ahead 8-1 in kills, had gotten four drakes, held a 7k gold lead and had won every single lane. HLE were checkmated.

clid mvp

With Lava being beaten down hard in game 1, HLE swapped him out for Tempt. And even though the new mid laner held his ground against the Faker/Clid combo, the rest of the HLE didn’t. By minute 16, Clid’s Elise had secured all 6 kills for SKT, while taking down two turrets. HLE’s bot lane was down 0/3 combined. There was no one dealing damage on the underdogs’ side and it took SKT just 7 more minutes to wipe out HLE’s base.

And once again, it was all Clid.

clid mvp

SK Telecom now enter the two-weeks-long LCK break as the third team in the rankings, after Griffin (6-0) and Sandbox (5-1). Their next match will be against Kingzone DragonX on Feb. 13, after the Lunar New Year’s celebrations.

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