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Legends of Runeterra has entered its third week of open beta and each week, the metagame has been different. From Elusives in week 1 to Mistwraiths in week 2, the power balance on the ladder has been shifting constantly, as pro players and streamers find new and optimize old archetypes.

Below is a list of some of the best LoR decks, updated as of Feb. 10.

S/I Mistwraiths

At this point, it’s pretty much established that the Mistwraiths archetype is the best aggro/midrange list of the lot. Abusing the duo of Mistwraith and Wraithcaller to spawn countless Fearsome Wraiths, each more powerful than the previous one, this invention by Navi00T is the bane of the ladder. You will see it a lot and die to it a lot. You will fend off the Wraiths only to be exhausted by the Rhasa/Ledros one-two punch in the late game.

Recently, another pro player in Astrogation hit Rank #1 Master on North America with a mono-colored Mistwraiths list, maximizing the chance to trigger the Allegiance effect of Wraithcaller. It’s a slightly more expensive list, as you’ll need a third Rhasa, though.

S/N Spider aggro

After it hit the world-first Master rank in the hands of Pokrovac, the S/N Spider aggro remains a top aggro/midrange deck, even though it’s losing the popularity contest to Mistwraiths. The swarm of Spiders in the early game is empowered by cheap attack buff spells, and supported by the all too familiar Rhasa/Ledros combo in the late game. Cards like Crowd Favorite further make use of these large spider boards and are a gem that often gets overlooked.

If you don’t have a third Darius, Kalista and Hecarim are all viable substitutions too.

Fiora/Karma control

The Fiora/Karma control rose to popularity as one of the stronger counters to Mistwraiths and Spiders. Judgement remains one of the most powerful removals in the game, and combined with Fiora it can win games on the spot. Fiora herself is by far the best Demacian hero and her Challenger ability shines when you want to draw out specific threats and kill them dead.

Karma, on the other hand, is a great control tool that floods your hand with even more spells to potentially neutralize the enemy board and you can stall for days while Fiora gets her kill count to the game-winning four.

I/F Elusive midrange

The I/F Elusive midrange was the first archetype of Runeterra that got success, as Xixo piloted it to a world-first Diamond in the first days of beta. The list has since been changed and optimized a dozen times — Braum was cut from most lists, late-game threats like The Empyrean and Windfarer Hatchling were added and the list became more aggressive, cutting out midrange cards like Avarosan Hearthguard.

Astrogation’s version is perhaps the strongest one in the archetype and it’s how he hit Master for the first time. You might run into trouble facing the faster aggro decks or battling a persistent Fiora, but if you hit your curve, there’s little people can do against a buffed up unblockable army.

Freeze Ezreal combo

This is a relatively new archetype as players are only now starting to experiment with it and optimize the lists. Its foundations are rooted in the old Spell Control decks from the earlier betas — a list that predominantly relies on spells to feed Ezreal’s and Heimerdinger’s effects.

The Freeze Ezreal list combines Piltover & Zaun with Freljord (hence the Freeze) to Frostbite threats while generating enough Mystic Shot value or Heimerdinger turrets to rush down the opponent in one or two turns. It’s a complicated, but fun and rewarding deck.

Frostbite control

If you’ve played Runeterra this past week, you would’ve noticed many variations of Ashe Frostbite controls. Some also run a combination of Braum, Anivia and Tryndamere on the side, but the essence is the same: freeze the board until Ashe levels up. Then, you will never get attacked. Ever.

There are 14 cards with Frostbite in this deck to ensure the full lock-down of the enemy board. This list by Xixo hit Rank #1 Master on EU on Saturday and is perhaps the most updated list of all Ashe Frostbites. With just three Epics and no Champions besides Ashe, it is also reasonably cheap to collect.

S/D Dawnspiders

The S/D Dawnspiders archetype was theorycrafted by Swim and dominated the very early days of the beta until the I/F Elusives shunned them out. The color combination is still strong but it’s been losing ground until JonesAF hit Rank #1 master on EU by doing the very obvious, but also very genius: he combined Spiders, with Mistwraiths.

The end result is a deck that plays similarly to the S/I Mistwraiths, but benefits from the 2x Dawnspeakers — the namesake of the deck. With them, the Wraiths grow strong not just in attack, but in health too and become ever so bothersome to deal with.

By the looks of it, if S/D Dawnspiders has a future as archetype, it will be the Mistwraiths modification of JonesAF, at least for the time being.

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