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EDward Gaming used to struggle in the early days of 2019 LPL Spring, mostly due to the absence of star jungler Clearlove. But now that the veteran is back, EDG are on an up-tick once again.

After a 2-0 against Rogue Warriors, EDG sat with members of the press to discuss the state of the team.

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To iBoy: How does it feel like to lane against Zwuji?

He’s strong. Maybe it was just me getting a little bit nervous.

To Clearlove: You paid a lot of attention to the top lane today, what was the reason behind it?

Both top laners played a carry-type champion, so focusing on top lane can help Ray snowball easily.

To Clearlove: You have brought two wins for EDG since your return. Do you think you have regained your form to an ideal level?

I think my performance was only so-so. I missed a lot of gank opportunities, I will work harder to get back in shape and play better.

To Coach: What are the biggest improvements Clearlove has brought to the team?

Stability, I think. The team played very aggressively before, while now they are a lot calmer.

To Meiko: In game 2, the enemy Pyke made lots of rotations. What was your solution?

Pyke is good at roaming during the early game but will become much less of a threat in team fights after the 10-minute mark. What we needed to do is to survive the early game.    

To Clearlove: Last time, you said your team’s goal is to keep winning. Have you prepared anything special for today’s match in order to avoid a loss?

Nothing special, our coach just prefer us to play our own game. We are really strong at both laning and team-fight as long as we make fewer misplays.

To Ray: Your performance on Vladimir was exceptional today, how would you rate your performance? And what’s the key point for winning yourself a MVP title of game 1?

I would rate it a 5 out of 10 because I haven’t performed half as well as how I did in scrims. And I was able to get the MVP because my teammates played really well and we had good teamwork.

To Coach: Everyone is saying that today’s match is EDG’s cleanest series in this season, What are your thoughts? Who is your MVP in this series? And the team will play against JDG next, how do you feel about the match-up?

Game 1 was indeed very clean. As for the game 2, they were just having their time. I would give the MVP title to the whole team because this game is a team game. JDG are a strong opponent but I believe if we’re able to keep playing like how we play today, we could win.

To Scout: How do you feel about both your and your opponents’ performance today?

I think I performed similar as to the last time, I made too many mistakes while my opponent was pretty confident and played okay.

To Meiko: Now that Clearlove is back to the team, what is the current state of the team?

I feel the whole team becomes calmer after his return. We used to make very risky way plays but now we play safer.

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