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On Saturday, EDward Gaming will face one of their biggest challenges in the LPL: Royal Never Give Up. Uzi’s team is running 3rd in the league with only one loss to their name, while EDG are close 4th, trying to get ahead of other 6-3 teams like LNG Esports and Invictus Gaming.

After beating Victory 5 in their last match, EDG sat with members of the press to discuss the series and the upcoming game against RNG.

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To Scout: You were mainly targeted by enemy team in game 2. How did the team communicate and how did it feel to win the game?

It was not good for me to be killed so many times in game 2. But I felt alright since we won the game.

To Meiko: Clearlove’s birthday is coming. Since you have played with him for the longest time in the team, do you have any wishes to say to him?

Happy birthday to him. He’s always wanted to lose weight, so I wish him he would become thinner.

To Scout: In the second game, V5 chose Mordekaiser, a reallly popular champion in this meta. Why did you pick Azir to play against him? Did this pick achieve the expected result?

Mordekaiser is pretty strong, but it’s a little hard for him to play against the long-range champions. In fact, after I was ganked by the enemy jungeler, I lost the advantage on the lane, but at least I could farm peacefully with him.

To Coach: Since the summer split, your team has always chosen a line-up strong in the early and mid-stage. But today, in game 1, you picked a late game line-up. What is the reason for that?

We are making progress step by step.

To Scout: Before the team fight around the second Infernal drake in game 1, you were at a very low health because of the enemy poke, but instead of recalling, you chose to initiate a team fight. How did you communicate with your teammates?

I wanted to recall at that time, but they tried to take down our midlane tower. So I chose to initiate the team fight, but I died without the stopwatch.

To Meiko: During game 2, when both bot laners are on level 1, your Lux used Q flash to try to kill the enemy bot laner, what’s the thought behind this?

Because the Vladimir is pretty weak on level 1, though he might get the Sanguine Pool, we could deal with a lot of damage in level 1, so I tried it.

To Coach: You will face RNG next, and they are one of your strong rivals in the way to Worlds 2019. What do you think is the key point of this match-up? And Mlxg has retired, as his former coach do you have anything to say to him?

I believe the key points are the macro game, team fight and the snap judgment in the mid and late stage. Mlxg had been with me for a long time in RNG, and he played really hard at that time. I want to tell him to be as happy as he could after retirement.

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