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Last Monday, November 16th, the ‘Free Agency’ official season began, and many roster movements and rumors kept being revealed, while some players’ future is still completely uncertain.

This is the case of Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, both players of the former World Champion team FunPlus Phoenix.

According to an official announcement from the club, the contracts of both players are expiring on November 17th. Thus, they are from today considered ‘Free Agents‘.

The announcement, published in Weibo, says as follows:

Although the contracts expire today, the club is still keeping in touch with the two players.
Our official Weibo account will update the results of communication as soon as they come out. Thank you for your constant attention and support for the club, GimGoon, and Khan

There have been several rumors about roster movements in the LPL, but none of them implied these two players.

Some other “big names” are ending their contracts with their teams these days. This is the case of JD Gaming’s jungler Seo ‘Kanavi‘ Jin-hyeok or LGD Gaming’s players Ha ‘Kramer‘ Jong-hun, Xie ‘Langx‘  Zhen-Ying, and Ling ‘Mark‘ Xu.

Nevertheless, these teams have reached much better goals during 2020, while FunPlus Phoenix wasn’t even able to qualify for the World Championship, so it is very possible that the club wants to make some modifications in the roster.

As the team mentioned in the announcement, we will update the results of this, so stay tuned!!

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