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Little is known about Riot Games’ first person shooter, codenamed “Project A”. The little footage we’ve seen shows a 5v5 tactical shooter similar to CS:GO, with the addition of abilities, similar to Overwatch. Riot have stated their intention to make a high-skill game where aiming and tactics are the key to victory, making it more similar to Valve’s game than Blizzard’s. Other than that — nothing.

That is, until long-time CS:GO caster Henry “HenryG” Greer published a long Twitter thread about his impressions from an early build of the game. One of the first thing he mentions is that skills are more tactical utility, rather than overpowered, game-deciding mechanics like some Overwatch ultimates.

Furthermore, economy is built akin to CS:GO’s, HenryG says, and tactics like economy rounds — where you invest less to save for a stronger buy in the next round — are present.

The balance between abilities and aiming skill also feels nice, the caster continues, where being a great aimer will still feel satisfying, just as pulling off an ability combo that out-plays your opponent.

HenryG further states, that Project A is further borrowing from CS:GO in terms of map design and layout and it’s all about substance instead of visual style.

“It’s the best game I have played since CS:GO,” HenryG concludes.

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