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Legendary jungler Choi “inSec” In-seok has officially retired from competitive League of Legends. The news was confirmed in an interview between inSec and Korean website Inven this Thursday.

According to inSec, the reason is the looming obligatory military service.

“Unfortunately, the circumstances did not let me be with the team during the process because of my military service,” inSec told Inven. “According to the Military Manpower Administration, I could be given an entry date for the military at any time. It was obvious that I could no longer continue my team life.”

InSec broke out on the scene as part of CJ Entus initially before transferring to KT Rolster Bullets in 2013. He popularized innovative play on Lee Sin and received worldwide acclaim for his proficiency on the champion, abusing it in ways no one had thought of before. The “inSec kick” to this day remains one of the most technical moves in League of Legends and absolute necessity to mastering the champion.

In 2014, inSec left KT B to look for brighter future in China and joined Star Horn Royal Club. He stayed in China until Dec. 2017, most recently playing as the sub jungler for DS Gaming, before joining Origen in 2018, helping the team to a gold finish at Europe Masters Spring grand finals.

Despite his legacy, inSec’s career slumped with time and he hasn’t played on a major League of Legends stage since the end of his Split-long stint with RNG in 2016. His return to Korea after five years of foreign exile had him jungle for Winners, a Challengers league team.

“Of course, I feel regretful about this [retiring]. I think there’s more regret since I wanted to do pro gaming in South Korea once more. I really enjoyed playing in the KeSPA Cup 2018 as a part of Winners. Playing the game while communicating in my own national language with 4 other Korean players just felt good. I still feel sorry about having to make this decision solely due to the circumstances rather than by my own will.”

For now, inSec will focus on streaming, he told Inven, though he doesn’t have a fixed schedule.

Despite playing League of Legends since 2012, inSec remains one of the revolutionists of the game to have never won a major LoL podium, domestic or international. He came close in 2013, placing second in Champions Summer behind SKT. In 2014, he reached even further and helped SH Royal to the finals of Worlds, only to see his team beaten by Samsung White. Finally, in May 2016, inSec left RNG after taking first place in the regular season only to see his team win the Spring Playoffs without him.

“I wanted to play more in South Korea in the end but due to a harsh reality, here am I, saying my last farewell,” inSec said as his closing words. “But still, it was a great relief how I got to play in a national tournament, the KeSPA Cup, as a part of Winners in the end.”

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