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Mark Yetter, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer, published Tuesday a quick glimpse into what League of Legends Patch 10.13 will bring. More than a dozen champions are being targeted with buffs, nerfs and reworks, including some of the most dominant meta picks right now.

Nerfs: Yuumi, Kalista, Aphelios

There isn’t any explicit details as what these balance changes will be, but Yuumi, Kalista, and Aphelios are among the champions that will get some nerfs. Yuumi has been a top 3 most picked support for four patches in a row now, and her ban and win rates have been growing steadily.

Kalista and Aphelios — while still popular in solo queue — are mostly dominant in pro play. Kalista has been one of the most popular flex champions in pro games, with 211 matches on record this year alone. Aphelios’ dominance is even higher: in 412 matches, the AD Carry monster has 54.4% win-rate, way outperforming other top ADCs like Varus, Ezreal, and Miss Fortune.

Other flex picks like Ornn and Syndra are also on the chopping block for nerfs.

Buffs: Noc Jungle, Ryze, Rakan

Riot are opting to make Nocturne Jungle meta again by giving him double cool down reduction on his Umbra Blades passive when he hits monsters (just as if he hits champions). This should make Nocturne’s clearing speed even faster and from there — a quicker level 6 Paranoia ganks.

Ryze, Rakan, Gnar are among the other champions that are getting a nerf, details yet unknown.

Reworks: AP Nunu, AP Kog’maw

AP Kog’maw and AP Nunu might be making a return in League of Legends. Kog’maw is getting a significant increase on his Q and R AP ratio, while Nunu has Q damage and healing AP ratio increased and added a 1.5 AP Ratio to the R Shield.

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