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Apr. 13 was one of the busiest days for League of Legends esports. All four major regions were in playoffs and played their semifinal or grand final matches. The day began with the LCK grand final between Griffin and SKT, continued with an LPL and LEC semifinal, and culminated with the LCS grand final super derby between Team Liquid and TSM.

LoL esports Apr. 13 schedule

— LCK grand final: SK Telecom 3-0 Griffin
— LPL semifinal: JD Gaming 3-2 FunPlus Phoenix
— LEC semifinal: Origen 3-1 Fnatic
— LCS grand final: Team Liquid 3-2 Team SoloMid

This was a stacked day and made for some impressive viewership numbers on Twitch. According to TwitchTracker, fans watched a total of 6.45M hours of League that day, which is the second highest the website has recorded in the last two and a half years.

The last time League of Legends hours watched metric got so high was during the Worlds 2018 quarterfinals, when the iG/KT and RNG/G2 matches brought in 6.97M hours — in large part thanks to the upsets they delivered. The next day of quarterfinal action, which marked the West’s domination in Cloud9’s 3-0 over Afreeca and Fnatic’s 3-1 elimination of EDward Gaming, pulled 6.40M.

Combined with Sunday, Apr. 14, when the LEC grand final between G2 and Origen was played, as well as the final minutes of the LCS grand final, League of Legends delivered more than 11M hours of content to fans.

The numbers the individual leagues brought over the weekend were also impressive, with LCS and LCK peaking at about, or higher than, 600,000.

Peak viewership numbers

— LCK: 632K, during SKT vs. Griffin grand final
— LCS: 599K, during Liquid vs. TSM grand final
— LEC: 476K, during G2 vs. Origen grand final
— LPL: 43K, during RNG vs. JDG quarterfinal

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